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Running KeystoneML on EC2

To run KeystoneML on EC2 you can use the spark-ec2 scripts.

Getting spark-ec2

As the KeystoneML scripts require a recent version of spark-ec2, it is recommended that you clone the spark-ec2 master branch for this. You can do this with

git clone

Launching a Cluster

You can now use the bin/ to launch a cluster with KeystoneML pre-installed. To do that you can run a command which looks like

SPARK_EC2_DIR=<path_to_your_spark-ec2> ./bin/ \
  -s 4 \
  -t r3.4xlarge \
  -i <key-file> \
  -k <key-name> \
  launch keystone-test-cluster

The above command launches 4 slaves and 1 master machine of type r3.4xlarge. Note that you can pass in any spark-ec2 options (like spot-prices etc.) to this script.

Running KeystoneML on the cluster

Once the cluster launch finishes you can login to the master node and the KeystoneML repository should be present in /root/keystone.