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KeystoneML Examples

KeystoneML ships with a number of example ML pipelines that reproduce recent academic results in several fields. Once you’ve built the project, you can run the following examples locally or on a Spark cluster.

Image Classification

Keystone ships with a number of example pipelines for Image Classification. These pipelines are designed to scale well across a cluster of commodity machines.

Dataset: MNIST

The MNIST dataset contains 50,000 training images of hand-written digits along with manually created labels. As of 2015, this benchmark is considered small by image classification standards and we can train a good classification pipeline on it on a laptop in under a minute.


This example runs the MnistRandomFFT pipeline which uses random feature maps and a linear model to build an optical character recognition pipeline for handwritten digits.

This example should achieve about 4% test error in less than a minute, and increasing the block size to 4096 and increasing the number of FFTs to 20 or more generally makes it perform even better.

Dataset: CIFAR-10

KeystoneML ships with several pipelines for the CIFAR-10 dataset. The most advanced pipeline can be trained with the following:


This example runs the RandomPatchCifar pipeline builds a 10-class image classification pipeline over a training set of 50,000 tiny images. It uses convolution filters that have been randomly sampled from the training data as feature extractors.

This will take a bit longer to run and you may want to launch a small (8-node) cluster to finish it. It should achieve close to state-of-the-art performance of 15% error.

Dataset: VOC 2007


This example runs the VOCSIFTFisher pipeline which builds a multi-class image classification pipeline over a training set of 5,000 full sized images. It uses SIFT Feature extraction and Fisher Vectors to featurize the training data.

You should see an MAP around 58% for this 20 class classification problem, and the pipeline will run in about 15 minutes on a cluster of 16 cc2.8xlarge machines on Amazon EC2.


Dataset: 20 Newsgroups


This example runs the NewsgroupsPipeline pipeline which builds a 20 class text classification pipeline based on n-gram features and TF-IDF smoothing on a dataset of thousands of newsgroup posts.