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Type Members

  1. case class EncEvalGMMFisherVectorEstimator(k: Int) extends Estimator[DenseMatrix[Float], DenseMatrix[Float]] with Product with Serializable

    Trains an enceval Fisher Vector implementation, via estimating a GMM by treating each column of the inputs as a separate DenseVector input to GaussianMixtureModelEstimator

  2. case class FisherVector(gmm: GaussianMixtureModel) extends Transformer[DenseMatrix[Float], DenseMatrix[Float]] with FisherVectorInterface with Product with Serializable

    Implements a wrapper for the enceval Fisher Vector implementation.

  3. class SIFTExtractor extends Transformer[Image, DenseMatrix[Float]] with SIFTExtractorInterface

    Extracts SIFT Descriptors at dense intervals at multiple scales using the vlfeat C library.

Value Members

  1. object SIFTExtractor extends Serializable