package evaluation

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Type Members

  1. class AugmentedExamplesEvaluator[T] extends Evaluator[DenseVector[Double], Int, MulticlassMetrics] with Serializable

  2. case class BinaryClassificationMetrics(tp: Double, fp: Double, tn: Double, fn: Double) extends Product with Serializable

    Contains the contingency table for a binary classifier, and provides common metrics such as precision & recall

  3. trait Evaluator[P, L, E] extends AnyRef

    An Evaluator is an object whose "evaluate" method takes a vector of Predictions and a set of Labels (of the same length and order) and returns an "Evaluation" which is specific to the domain (binary classification, multi-label classification, etc.

  4. class MeanAveragePrecisionEvaluator extends Evaluator[DenseVector[Double], Array[Int], DenseVector[Double]] with Serializable

    MeanAveragePrecision (MAP) calculator based on MATLAB code from the encoding eval toolkit at http://www.

  5. class MulticlassClassifierEvaluator extends Evaluator[Int, Int, MulticlassMetrics] with Serializable

    An evaluator that produces multiclass classification metrics given predicted and actual classes, derived from computing the confusion matrix associated with these two sets of values.

  6. case class MulticlassMetrics(confusionMatrix: DenseMatrix[Double]) extends Product with Serializable

    Contains the confusion matrix for a multiclass classifier, and provides common metrics such as micro & macro precision & recall

Value Members

  1. object AggregationPolicyType extends Enumeration

  2. object BinaryClassifierEvaluator extends Evaluator[Boolean, Boolean, BinaryClassificationMetrics] with Serializable